Taste of Fethiye is at SunConnect Liberty

Taste of Fethiye project started in 2010 with the collaboration between Travel Foundation, Co-operative Travel, Thomson, First Choice and Thomas Cook. The project was developed to assist farmers in the Fethiye area of Turkey in order to improve the benefits they gain from tourism and encourage good farming practice.

The project aims helping hotels in Fethiye region buy produce from local farmers. The project also helps local farmers to better understand the needs of hotels and plan their production cycles acordingly, and help them to market their goods successfully.

In 2011, a series of workshops were organized for the farmers including advice on planning, collaboration of production and marketing to reduce waste and reduce costs. In 2012, 32 local food events were held at the hotels. By 2013, farmers implemented new farming practices, relying less on greenhouse production ans switching to more sustainable agricultural practices. They managed to reduce costs by 30% and increase their profits by 26%. In 2014, farmers produced 878 tonnes of diverse, high quality products by 29 Taste of Fethiye farmers in 6 villages.

As SunConnect Liberty Hisarönü, we are proud to support this project. We buy fresh and organic products for our kitchen from Taste of Fethiye farmers and let our guests taste the real Fethiye.