Our Vision, Mission and Corporate Values


Making Turkey’s tourism sector and employees proud of our brand by fullfilling changing needs and tastes of our guests in every type of competitive condition.


Ensuring enjoyable holiday memories and happiness to our guests and their beloved ones by setting our standards according to our guests’ special and unique preferences and serving them with our cheerful, friendly and educated staff in “building new friendships” environment within our corporate values and standards.


1. We are responsible for the Turkish tourism sector’s future.
2. Health and safety of our guests and employees are our priority, we take no risk.
3. We know our employees, develop their skills and appreciate their ideas.
4. We believe that improvements and changes ensure dynamism.
5. Our guests and employees are treated equally without any prejudice and any cultural, religious, racial and gender discrimination.
6. We believe in the necessity of educational and environmental investments and we support them.
7. We encourage our employees to take initiative. We believe in the principle: “The ones who never make mistakes are the ones that do nothing”.
8. We think analytically and pay attention to the details.
9. We pay attention to the quality of our services more than their monetary value.
10. We are open to all kinds of criticism and we believe that the ones who find and tell our faults are our friends.
11. In all the circumstances, we try to be tolerant, sincere and open-minded.
12. We believe that love and knowledge thrive when shared with others.

Time to build friendship...