Our Environmental Policy

Our Environmental Policy:

While our hotel management and staff are carrying out their activities; it is necessary to reduce the environmental impacts caused by our actions, in accordance with all environmental legislation and administrative regulations within and outside the hotel and surrounding areas, whilst keeping inside the framework of the tourism sector.  This is completed with the support of our esteemed guests and staff, with the aim of using resources correctly and disposing of waste in an environmentally friendly manner.  The aim of this policy is to prevent negative effects on nature, to protect health, our environment and natural life through training given to our employees.   Our vision is to create a cleaner environment for future generations.  This policy constitutes our environmental management philosophy.

As Sunconnect Liberty Hotels Hisaronü;

-We comply with environmental legislation and administrative regulations by fulfilling legal obligations in accordance with the relevant environmental legislation

-We are aware of our responsibilities towards the environment and local area, and we are carrying out our activities with a sustainable environmental belief and framework

-By controlling factors that can cause environmental pollution, we are trying to minimize the pollution and damage we cause to the environment

- We aim to minimize the negative effects we inflict upon the environment by using the best possible technology during our activities

- We work in order to protect environmental awareness and the environment in general; we are working to ensure that this concept is passed onto our employees, our guests, our suppliers and society, and that these visions are shared and accepted as a philosophy of life

- We organize training to raise knowledge of environmental sensitivity and environmental awareness to enable our employees and our guests to be informed about the environment, and the need to protect it

- We are working to reduce, reuse or recycle pollutant sources to prevent environmental pollution

- By using energy and natural resources at the optimum level, we avoid unnecessary resource consumption

- We are working to minimize waste in the hotel and its surroundings and in the guest areas, including rooms, and are looking to dispose of the waste in the most environmentally conscious manner

- We take care of the disposal of hazardous wastes in our facility within the scope of environmental legislation, adhering to standards set within world guidelines

- In order to make our natural resources sustainable, we regularly monitor water and electricity consumption, and we produce solutions to prevent excessive consumption

- We keep our staff informed about the necessity of minimizing the use of chemicals as much as possible to prevent excessive chemical consumption

- We are working on the effective use of natural resources

- We are working to achieve sustainable environmental awareness for sustainable tourism

We know that we need a sustainable environment for sustainable tourism. We aim to have demonstrated our commitment to this by creating this policy; we hope that you will support us and make our world beautiful together.

 Best Regards