Liberty Family Supports Street Animals

As SunConnect Liberty Hisarönü we feel responsible for environment and animal life in Fethiye. We are proud to take actions to support natural life and street animals.

Here is a short list of what we have done and what we are doing in 2015 summer season;
  • We have put wooden bird houses in various spots in hotel area.
  • The surrounding area is a natural habitat for swallows. These birds tend to build nests in ceilings and corners. As hotel management we do not disturb or damage homes of our little guests and enjoy living closely with nature.
  • We take all the healty waste food from kitchen and restaurant to the animal shelter in Fethiye. We also have a donation box in reception area for the guests and staff who wish to support.
  • We donate Animal Aid charity organization, which holds charity events and improves welfare of street animals in Fethiye. If you wish to find more information on Animal Aid and show your support see Animal Aid Website.