First Gala Night of 2014

Liberty Hotels Hisarönü has celebrated the first Gala Night of 2014 Summer Season.

Gala Night is one of the oldest traditions of Liberty Hotels Hisarönü. This very special night starts with a welcome cocktail, preceded by BBQ and dinner. Then, the main event of Gala Night, the Staff Presentations take scene. A hotel is a living mechanism that is composed of different parts and everything depends on how compatible these parts are. There are so many of us who have devoted themselves to make Liberty Hotels Hisarönü one of the bests and on this night, our guests had the chance to meet them all.

After all the department chiefs and managers, along with their teams took scene and greeted our beloved guests, the night went on with cake and champagne service and Michael Jackson group dance show by the finalists of the Turkey’s Got Talent 2013, followed by fire show and competitions. All our guests enjoyed this very special night, full of entertainment.

We only wish this was the first of many great Gala Nights together.