23rd Birthday Celebration

SunConnect Liberty Hisarönü has celebrated 23rd birthday with a special party.

Since 1992, SunConnect Liberty Hisarönü has been providing excellent quality of service under the names of Asena Village and Liberty Hotels Hisarönü.  We are proud to celebrate our 23rd year of excellent service and we would like to thank all our guests who have joined us on this special evening.

Birthday night events started with complimentary Welcome Cocktail followed by BBQ Dinner with live music. Then children took the stage for Mini Disco. All the staff saluted the guests at Staff Presentations and got applauded for their hard work. Our guests enjoyed having birthday cake with champagne while watching the fantastic Latin Acrobatic Show. The night continued with Live Music Band and Tropical Venezuela Salsa Dance Show and ended with a big Pool Party and Live DJ Performance.

We hope to celebrate many more birthdays with our beloved guests.